Day 27 – Visitors From Afar and Hotel Coloma

Tuesday, July 11, 7:35 a.m. – Departed from the Adams County Airport near Friendship/Adams, Wisconsin.

The Atmosphere’s Mood

Morning Conditions – Temp – 68* with high humidity / Wind – Calm / Skies – Hazy, clear skies. Cumulus clouds quickly developing with the heat of the day.

Afternoon/Evening Conditions – Temp – Reached a high of 83* with high humidity / Wind – S at 5-10 mph / Skies – Overcast throughout the afternoon, cumulonimbus clouds developing by evening.

6:45 p.m. – Arrived at the Coloma Hotel in Coloma, Wisconsin, 20.2 miles, 48,700 steps, 60 miles remaining.

Highs Today

  • Ship Rock Wayside – Ship Rock is a very cool rock formation about halfway between Friendship/Adams, Wisconsin and Coloma, Wisconsin. In an area that is almost completely lacking any kind of topography, it juts up out of the ground to a height of maybe 100-150 feet. Looking at it from the eastern end, it resembles a Spanish galleon, and is similar to one in size. A leftover from Glacial Lake Wisconsin, it was a welcome sight, and wonderful place to take a midday break.
  • Jeff and Selma – My good friends Jeff and Selma Stephenson have big hearts and good timing. While heading to the southeast part of the United States to help their son and his family move back to Minnesota, they tracked me down. They caught up with me while I was taking a break at Ship Rock Wayside. I could hardly believe it when I saw them pull into the parking lot. Talk about brightening my day! We chatted for the better part of half an hour while their dog Daisy and cat Duke stretched their legs a bit. They brought me a little piece of home, and there is nothing more precious than that. Thank you Jeff and Selma. What a wonderful surprise!
  • Hotel Coloma – Originally a boarding house built back in the 1870s, this historic hotel was a pleasure to stay in, and at a really good price. Both the old photographs on the walls and the general layout of the building and rooms make it feel as if one is staying not just in a hotel, but in a piece of history. Owners Sue and Dennis have done a wonderful job of renovating the old establishment; the rooms are cozy and offer everything a traveler needs. The Coloma Hotel was truly a wonderful find!

Lows Today

  • Toughing Out Highway 21 –  Like Minnesota State Highway 14 between Rochester, Minnesota and Winona, Minnesota, State Highway 21 in Wisconsin is a challenging road to spend time on. It’s busy, the shoulders aren’t all that wide and their condition varies considerably. As an alternative to Highway 21, I’ve experimented with some county roads in Wisconsin. They’re fine if there isn’t heavy traffic on them. If there is, though, they become challenging and quite dangerous. There doesn’t seem to be an ideal, so with the exception of a stretch at the very end of the walk, toughing it out on Highway 21 is going to be the plan.

Keen Observations – The Personalities of  the Wave – There seems to be an almost endless variety of ways for people to wave as they drive by me. No two waves are exactly alike, but they oftentimes fall into broad categories. These waves can apparently tell a lot about the personality of the waver. This is a complex subject; to do it justice, I’ll really need to dedicate some time and space to it. Look for a post entitled, “Language of Wave: Decriptions, Interpretations and Protocols.” It’ll be published on Sunday, July 22nd as Edition #1 of The Sunday Morning Muse

Lessons Learned – I’ve been telling myself that, as often as I can, I need to slow down and spend some time in the places I’m passing through. It turns out it isn’t all that easy to do. In an effort to make the deadlines I set for myself, I’ve been moving along at a fairly rapid pace. Even when I know there are moments to spare, it’s difficult to shake the feeling that time is chasing me. I guess what I’ll need to do on occasion is turn around and just punch time in the face! We’ll see how that works out…:-)

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    1. Hello Mariella. Yes, please do! I’m going to posting more routinely again, so some new, different material. Thanks for reading!

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