T minus 1 Day: Time on The River

Sunday, May 28th, 7:30 AM: Temp – 62*, Winds – Westerly/Light, Sky – Overcast, patches of blue, passing light rain and thundershowers.

The River. It has been my place of solitude for some years now. I have seen spectacular things there, and have spent many an hour gliding along its surface while taking in the breathtaking beauty it has to offer. I went there today quite intentionally, knowing that it would be some time before I would be able to return. I was not disappointed. In all of its simple splendor, The River helped fill me with the confidence and strength required to begin my journey.

While I was on the water, I did not think about the coming days much. I thought instead about the days that led me to this point in time. How many times have I come to The River, to sort out my thoughts and put things back into perspective? Too many times to count, I’m sure. Today, though, will remain in my memory for many years to come. On the eve of a great adventure, The River, too, knows that there’s something unusual in the air. As do the sky, the forest, the raindrops pattering on the surface and the distant thunder bouncing amongst the valleys. I have spent more beautiful days on the St. Louis, but none charged with quite the electricity of this one. 

I am leaving it all behind: The River, my home, my Love. Compared to the span of a lifetime, the time away will be little more than a lazy afternoon. But the sum of experiences had is bound to be great! Monumental, even.  Indeed, it may even be overwhelming at times. I welcome it all, or at least say that now…

The River’s solitude, tranquility and predictability will be missed. As will its striking images of soaring eagles against brilliant blue skies,  groups of graceful swans flying curiously overhead and beavers busily patrolling the shorelines. Somehow, though, I am convinced that The River and I will grow closer as I journey. It is with that same resolve that I leave my home, and walk away from my Love. In our hearts, we will not drift apart; we will grow closer and stronger with each purposeful step.

Our river, my Love. It knows us so well…

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