The Flight Home, The Week to Relax

Tuesday, June 23rd, 7:05 a.m. –  Departed from the Max Conrad Municipal Airport in Winona, Minnesota in N9407H ( a Cessna 172).

The Atmosphere’s Mood

Morning Conditions – Temp – 57* with low humidity / Wind – NW at 3 mph / Skies – Clear with ground fog persisting in the valleys.

Arrival Conditions – Temp – Reached a high of 63* / Wind – WNW 11  mph, gusting to 20 / Skies – Clear at the airport, but low cumulus clouds and light showers were immediately to the northwest of the airfield and approaching rapidly.

8:32 a.m. – Arrived at the Burnett County Airport near Siren, Wisconsin, 108 nautical miles (124 statute miles), very few steps required. 🙂

The Week’s Highs – 

  • The Flight with Paul Foster – I really enjoy flying with Paul. Always have. We fly as a crew, and make sure to watch out for one another so that both of us get to live to fly another day. Flying isn’t as dangerous as most people believe it is. Being safe in an aircraft is all about mindset and preparedness. This was Paul’s flight, and he managed the flight planning, decision making and the flight itself with skill and expertise. I got to look out the window a lot. That was a really good thing. Thank you Paul…
  • Jill – When Paul and I taxied up to the Burnett County ramp, Jill was sitting at a picnic table waiting for us. There are no words to describe how I felt in my heart when I saw her. My Love…
  • The Wedding – On this same day, we attended the wedding of some friends at Superior Shores just outside of Two Harbors. It was a beautiful, outdoor wedding on the shore of Lake Superior. It and the activities that followed were really fun, and exactly what both Jill and I needed. Congratulations Jake and Caralyn!
  • Home – There is nothing quite like the feeling of coming home after and extended absence. It’s just so easy to appreciate even the simplest of things! The cat, the couch, the porch with the view of the park and the harbor; all of these things can so easily be taken for granted. We live in such a beautiful place! Returning home served as a pleasant reminder of that fact. 🙂
  • Variety of Activities – I got to do a lot of things during the week I was home. Besides the usual catching up on laundry and getting things ready to go again, I got to do a ton of gardening, got the kayak in the water, and took a cool bicycle ride or two. I also accomplished some long awaited repairs on my old motorcycle, and took that out for a few rides too. I went out with some friends from college (Good luck, Ali. You’re gonna do great!), and got to see some old friends as well. AND, I got to fly again. It was just a quick currency flight, but the skies were most spectacular that morning. I couldn’t have asked for a better week, except for…

The Week’s  Lows – 

  • Jill is in Cape Cod – Jill and I sort of changed places this week. She was in Cape Cod for the entire week while I was at home watching the house and the cat. While the week was fun and relaxing, it would have been way more fun if Jill had been here too.
  • The week went so quickly! – Today is Saturday, the end of my week off. It’s been such a busy week that it feels like I just got here! On a positive note, I caught up on my sleep, got some much needed home and cat time, and am thankful for every moment spent in our home on the hillside. It was just the recharge I needed!

Lessons Learned – Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. Yeah, I know. It’s not an original or earth-shattering revelation. It is, however, something that I’ve felt pretty strongly about throughout this past week.

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